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Brian Side, Lynne Pogue, Penny Sinak, Joshua Starr, Sallie Miller

The Story . . .

“Your own perception and natural handling of the actors and action was really first-class.  Thank you for a wonderful wonderful evening  and thank YOU for creating this opportunity for everyone both in life and in the Kingdom.”

Colin Graham

Former Artistic Director

Opera Theatre of St. Louis

“Broadway on the Driveway has become one of the most professional performing ensembles in the metropolitan St. Louis area and I’m very proud to be associated with them and to call them ‘friends.’”


Diane Huber

Musical Director, The Riverblenders Chorus

Former President of Sweet Adeline’s International            

“Someday I will be proud to say ‘I knew them when.’  The Foundation is pleased to be able to support groups such as yours in sharing the joy of music with young people.  You are to be congratulated for your outstanding work with them.”

Michelle Brazeal

The Young Singers Foundation

“I am so enjoying seeing the joy on the faces of these young people!  You've started a very wonderful thing, and look how far you've come.”

Toula Oberlies

Marketing Chair

Young Singers Foundation

“What a breathtaking work you accomplished with this year's BOTD production of Little Women... How much effort you must have put into that and indeed into the entire play.  Bravo, brava, bravissimo!”


With love and affection from

The Mathiesen family

“Thanks for inspiring us and many others....God can and does work through His children!”


Shelly P. and Kate P.

“Your rendition of "Little Women - The Broadway Musical" was a delight! The energy, the talent, the spirit of the presentation was captivating and imaginative. The singing was well-done and even moving at times... Jesus was honored. Thanks for an enchanting evening. Brava! to the leading lady and director!”

Dan H.

“I would just like to say the show you performed here at the Park last Wednesday was outstanding, our group really enjoyed the performance.”

John P.

“My wife and I love to see the shows and are overwhelmed at the creativity and talents that Jesus has certainly blessed everyone with.  Who would of thought that 15 years later, it would grow to such an overwhelming success.” 

Mike R.

“God does not want us to put out work that is a B+.  He wants us to do our best, to exceed the standards of this world.  Your show did exactly that.  The dance choreography was first class.  The orchestra was great. The lead singers were top notch. The acting was superb.”

Carl and Debbie W.

“Words cannot describe the joy my heart and spirit have experienced in sharing these last 3 rehearsal days with the SOM cast and crew and the three shows to come...The cast and crew have been brought together to share their Christian faith on the stage for the audience.”

Tom B.

“I certainly wanted to let you know how fabulous I thought The Sound of Music was.  Every moment was golden and the thought/effort put into every detail was amazing!  Congratulations on a superior production.”

Carleen M.

“The show was fantastic!  We all enjoyed it a lot.”

Charlotte B.

Regal Royal Rubies

Red Hat Society

“I just watched "The Sound of Music" with you at Mo Baptist. I was blown away. What a mission. Thank You for speaking freely about Jesus before and after the show. Thank You for working in the lives of kids in such a positive way.”

Doug B.

The 20 people who came with me to your Christmas show loved it; I only regret I didn’t know how to bring two hundred people (or even two thousand).  I heard afterward that the gentleman in my group who got your complimentary CD at the 7 P.M. show was utterly thrilled.  I will continue to do what I can to support your group’s wonderful work.  You’re an inspiration to our entire community.


Carl R.

I caught your music man production this year and it was the best amateur production of anything I’ve ever seen.  Moreover, it topped most PROFESSIONAL productions I’ve seen as well.  Count me in!

Caleb B.

The Fans . . .

The Press . . .

The Future . . .

Founders, Gracie & Lacy, have relocated to the east coast, USA and currently work as full-time entertainers.  The sisters continue to produce theatrical productions and tour their vintage variety act “Gracie & Lacy” nationwide.  In addition, Gracie & Lacy accept speaking engagements present on a variety of arts and educational topics furthering their mission of empowering and inspiring performers to strive for excellence and sustainability, while maintaining personal dignity.   The sisters continue their passion for writing and are ever adding to their collection of original scripts and musical pieces as plans are in the works for Broadway on the Driveway to represent and license the library for live performance.  

Special thanks to the many people and businesses of St. Louis, MO who took part in the magic of Broadway On The Driveway!